Talend Solutions delivers latest airline Data Integration for OSyS

Talend Solutions today successfully delivered its latest data integration for Rolls Royce subsidiary Optimised Systems and Solutions (OSyS).  This was a substantial integration of multiple data sources and complex transformation logic. 


OSyS offers a Fuel Management Solution (FMS) that allows a business to understand the complex interactions between fuel efficiency measures and wider operational decisions.  Airlines select the OSyS FMS with a goal of achieving maximum efficiency in fuel usage.


Talend Solutions was chosen by OSyS as its data integration partner, to apply their specialist expertise to the challenge of integrating data from disparate sources within any airline into the Fuel Management Solution.


The latest airline's data integration was implemented using the bespoke Talend Open Studio framework that Talend Solutions developed for the OSyS' Asset Optimization solutions.  The framework implements functions to acquire, validate, cleanse, profile, integrate and transform data from disparate sources within an airline into the solutions. The implementation ensures that invalid or inconsistent data is handled gracefully and reported and provides full auditability from individual data sources through to the solutions. The implementation is designed for operational efficiency and can be scheduled to run at regular intervals with no human interaction, with full execution reports generated and notified to operations staff.