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There are a total of eight businesses in the UK that form part of the Aliaxis Group. Faced with the insurmountable challenge of managing and integrating data across a host of existing legacy systems, the Group was working to implement a common ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics AX. A phased migration of the legacy data for the eight businesses was required to AX. Large volumes of structured and unstructured data of varying data quality across the eight businesses presented a huge data migration challenge.


Talend’s Data Quality and Data Integration solutions were a perfect fit for the challenge. Faced with disparate data sources representing thousands of customers and suppliers and more than 10,000 different products stored across a variety of legacy systems across eight different businesses, Talend Solutions recognised the need for a generic migration framework that could be reused to migrate legacy data for each of the eight businesses in a phased implementation to coincide with organisational change.


Talend Solutions designed and delivered a complete and comprehensive reusable and extensible data migration framework, incorporating an iterative approach to data quality profiling allowing trending of the data sources that were being updated right up to the migration date.


Following the successful migration of the first two businesses, client resources were trained and a full technical handover of the solution framework was provided, allowing the client to take personal responsibility for subsequent migrations. The success of this handover was further evidence that Talend Solutions had achieved the challenge set.