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In the civil aviation environment, operating aircraft efficiently is of paramount importance. Controls and Data Services (CDS), part of the Rolls-Royce Group, offers a range of Asset Optimization solutions. These can enable a business to understand the complex interactions between efficient aircraft operation and wider operational decisions.
CDS' Asset Optimization system allows a baseline of operation to be established, the benefits of efficiency initiatives to be quantified and the best balance of return and investment for prospective optimization opportunities to be established. These systems are proven in practice by airline organizations worldwide and are suitable for aircraft operations across all market sectors, with implementations tailored to each individual customer’s needs and budget.
Talend Solutions was chosen by CDS to apply its specialist data integration expertise to the challenge of integrating data from disparate sources, contributing to the delivery of the Asset Optimization solutions to a number of different airlines.
Faced with differing data sources/formats and challenges of data quality, data completeness and data inconsistency, Talend Solutions worked with CDS to develop a generic framework that CDS has been able to apply across multiple airline solutions.
The framework assures consistency of the data integration solution across all airlines. The framework implements functions to acquire, validate, cleanse, profile, integrate and transform data from disparate sources within an airline into the system. The implementation ensures that invalid or inconsistent data is handled gracefully and reported and provides a full audit trail from individual data sources through to the system. The implementation is designed for operational efficiency and can be scheduled to run at regular intervals with no human interaction, with full execution reports generated and notified to operations staff.