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Talend Solutions was engaged to deliver a Talend data integration project responsible for integration between Salesforce and a proprietary campaign and event management solution.


Talend Solutions was responsible for the successful design, development, test and delivery of the integration project for the campaign to registration process.  Talend Solutions designed the implementation framework, which managed the integration by passing XML messages over secure FTP.  A series of outbound and inbound messages were defined to support pertinent business events.  A series of Talend jobs were deigned to extract data from Salesforce and to transform it to the relevent XML structures defined for each outbound message.  The outbound messages were uploaded to the secure FTP site from where they could be collected and processed by the event management solution.  Inbound messages uploaded to the secure FTP site by the event management solution were collected, validated and processed by a series of Talend jobs which updated Salesforce.  The solution provided a fill audit trail and reporting suite.