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As part of a project supporting a new automated process for the internal Insolvency Practice, Chantrey Vellacot DFK required a mechanism for importing data from external providers, into a central Customer Relationship Management system for ongoing case management.


Talend Solutions was engaged to deliver an automated solution that received and processed a daily feed of unstructured and loosely formatted data relating to corporate insolvencies from the London Gazette. The project involved designing and building complex routines to parse and restructure the incoming data into a structured format, further augment this with additional company data using a subscription web service providing corporate data and finally import the cleansed information for processing within its insolvency management system stored in a Microsft SQL Server, Sugar CRM system.


A previous supplier had failed to meet the demanding challenge of processing unstructured and loosely formatted data, yet Talend Solutions was able to deliver a solution that regularly processes over 95% of the source data and that gracefully handles processing failures.