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Experian are in the midst of a multi-phased project implementation planned to take place over a number of years, to replace core systems and applications.

As part of this process, taking place around a DB2 core running on a z/OS platform, Talend Solutions has been engaged to provide project-wide support in a range of data management disciplines.

The key involvement of Talend Solutions consultants, over a lengthy engagement, can be summarised as follows:

  • Development of both logical and physical data models
  • Ongoing liaison with the in-house DBA team to develop and refine the data architecture
  • Instruction to the development teams on the data implications of planned/proposed development options
  • Direction on data provisioning into the overall solution architecture
  • Providing advice and guidance on data access and maintenance strategies across all streams
  • Incorporating the semantics of legacy and input data formats feeding into the data models
  • Provide input to the high level ETL design and framework
  • Provide advice and guidance on migration strategies and implementation
  • Provide advice and guidance on data warehouse and reporting constructs


With a project brief to provide data consultancy services to smooth the progress of application development across multiple work streams, it was mandated that our influence be felt in many areas to help drive the project forward and facilitate and expedite the best use of data across the organisation.