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Talend Solutions was engaged to provide Talend data integration expertise in support of an upgrade from Talend v4.* to v5.*.


Talend Solutions assisted in defining the architecture for the new environments and performed the installation and configuration of the Talend Platform for Data Management v5.2 into the new environments. Comprehensive documentation was provided to record the steps performed during the installation and to provide a record of the environment specification and configuration for future reference.

Oxfordshire County Council had 7 Talend data integration projects, containing over 150 jobs and well over 50 scheduled tasks. A significant aspect of the upgrade was to migrate these jobs from v4.* to v5.*. There was significant variety in the jobs with a very broad range of connection types (SAP, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, MQ Series, XML, flat file) and reasonable complexity to some of the jobs. There was no existing regression test plan or test strategy available for any of the jobs.


Talend Solutions defined and delivered a strategy and plan to validate and test each of the jobs and to update them as necessary to assure that their behaviour was identical on the new platform. Talend Solutions was able to resolve all issues encountered efficiently and without drama.


Talend Solutions also produced Operational Documentation providing advice on: start and restart procedures, development processes, backup and recovery, and monitoring and debugging.