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Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) was seeking to replace their current Frameworki children’s social care case management system with the LiquidLogic Childrens’s System (LCS) and Early Help Module (EHM). This required migration of all current and historic case data from Frameworki to LCS and EHM.


Talend Solutions took full ownership of the design, specification and build of a meta data driven, reusable, extensible data migration framework to enable the data migration: The framework supported: acquisition; cleansing; augmentation; reference data mapping; validation; de-duplication; integrity validation; transformation; load.  The framework was designed to identify and resolve data quality and integrity issues where possible.  Full accountability, traceability, auditability and reconciliation was built in.


The framework was used to successfully complete the migration, selecting data from over 70 source tables and loading just under 100 million rows to 170 target entities.


The OCC LCS migration from Frameworki was exceptional in that it pioneered the migration of form data into LCS.