Data Quality

Accurate, current and consistent data is the heart of a successful IT solution and a successful business.


Talend Solutions has the skills, methods and experience to solve your data quality issues.


Data Migration

The ability to fully understand a client's data, together with a proven approach are key to a successful migration.


Talend Solutions has extensive experience of large-scale complex data migrations. 



Data Integration

The ability to gather, combine and process data from multiple, diverse sources can realise your business initiatives.


Talend Solutions has an enviable track-record of data integration project successes.



Big Data

The massive amounts of information companies collect today are a valuable asset in gaining competitive advantage.


Talend Solutions is an early adopter of the Talend Platform for Big Data.




Talend SolutionsStarting your project off on the right track maximises your chances of success and can prevent issues during the project lifecycle.


Talend Solutions has developed a proven process and technique for initiating Talend projects that has been deployed across many organisations.


Talend SolutionsDeveloping a Proof of Concept to demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of your project can build the business case for the project.


Talend Solutions can rapidly develop a low-cost working proof of concept to mitigate the perceived risks associated with your project.


Talend SolutionsUsing Talend Solutions’ experienced and certified consultants to deliver your project maximises the chances of a successful outcome.


The breadth and depth of experience of Talend Solutions’ specialists is a key differentiator of our consultancy model.


Talend SolutionsTalend Solutions can provide the knowledge and practical assistance required to recover a failing project.


Talend Solutions can rapidly identify the issues that are causing problems and deliver a recovery strategy and plan. 


Talend SolutionsTalend Solutions is a premier trusted supplier of accredited Talend consultant resource.


Whether you are looking for a single Talend developer, or a complete project team, Talend Solutions can help.

Talend Solutions News

Talend Solutions Completes 4.2 to 5.2 Upgrade for Oxfordshire County Council 19 July, 2013 Talend Solutions today successfully completed an upgrade from Talend Integration Suite v4.2 to Talend Platform for Data Management v5.2.2 for their client Oxfordshire County Council.  A significant aspect of the upgrade was to migrate 7 Talend data integration projects, containing over 150…


30 November 2012, Talend "As a system integrator focused only on Talend products, Talend Solutions UK supplies their clients with top-notch, Talend-trained consultants who have the knowledge and expertise to solve real business problems around data migration, synchronization, and integration. We are pleased to be long-time partners with Talend Solutions UK." Keith Goldstein, VP Worldwide Channels and Alliances, Talend

Talend News

Talend Blog: 2016 Predictions – 4 Ways Big Data & Analytics Will Impact Every Business 21 December, 2015 It’s hard to believe that 2016—the year that marks Talend’s 10-year anniversary—is right around the corner. If our society and businesses were ruled by the predictions of the film industry, we’d all have flying cars and drones walking our dogs…. Granted, while we’ve made great…