Kick Start

Many projects run into trouble as a result of how they were started.  Typical scenarios include:

  • Poor understanding of requirements;
  • Invalid or incomplete design;
  • Unrealistic estimating or planning;
  • Failure to identify dependencies.


Setting your project off to a good start is essential for a successful outcome.  Talend Solutions has developed a proven process and technique for initiating Talend projects that has been deployed across many organisations.


Talend Solutions can also:

  • Provide guidance on environment requirements, software installation and configuration.
  • Provide recommendations on Talend software development standards and process.
  • Develop a Proof of Concept to demonstrate the feasibility and value of your project.
  • Deliver your Project.


Please contact us with details of your project requirements.

Kick Start with Talend Solutions

Talend SolutionsA Project Kick Start by Talend Solutions allows you to benefit from the combined and proven experience of our consultants.  Talend Solutions will:


  • Hold a Kick Start workshop to understand your requirements.
  • Develop and deliver a High Level Design to meet your requirements.
  • Identify external dependencies.
  • Rapidly produce an integrated strategy and plan, including identifying the milestones, deliverables and activities.
  • Confirm resource requirements and estimated costs.
  • Flush out relevant risks and issues.

Next Steps

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