Project Delivery

With Talend, results can be achieved remarkably quickly, but with unskilled resources, not always successfully.  Using Talend Solutions’ experienced and certified consultants, your project stands the best chance of success.


Certification is awarded by Talend to individuals who successfully complete a comprehensive test covering all aspects of the use of the Talend product suite.  Whilst certification is essential to ensure that individuals are indeed experts in the technology, it is no guarantee of success. Extensive practical experience of using the toolsets in real-life situations can be an enormous differentiator in capability. Clients trusting Talend Solutions to deliver a project can be reassured that the consultants are not only experts in the technology, but also have the necessary practical experience.


The breadth and depth of experience of Talend Solutions’ specialists is a key differentiator of our consultancy model.  Talend Solutions was the first Integration Partner of Talend in the United Kingdom and has built an enviable track record of successful Talend project delivery.  Indeed Talend Solutions has been awarded a “Best Talend Project of the Year" award.


All of our staff are experienced client-facing professionals.  Talend Solutions can supply all levels of project staff including:

  • Project Manager Resource
  • Business Analyst Resource
  • Architect Resource
  • Design Resource
  • Development Resource
  • Test Resource


Talend Solutions thrives in situations where we are given full responsibility for project delivery, but our consultants are equally capable of integrating well within a customer’s own teams, to provide expert skills and coaching to other team members. Whether you are looking for a single Talend developer, or a complete project team, Talend Solutions can help.


Please contact us with details of your project requirements.


Project Delivery with Talend Solutions

Talend SolutionsProject Delivey by Talend Solutions allows you to benefit from the combined and proven experience of our consultants.  Talend Solutions will:

  • Hold a Kick-Start workshop to understand your requirements.
  • Develop and deliver a High Level Design to meet your requirements.
  • Identify external dependencies.
  • Rapidly produce an integrated strategy and plan, including identifying the milestones, deliverables and activities.
  • Confirm resource requirements and estimated costs.
  • Flush out and manage relevant risks and issues.
  • Deliver your Project to the agreed plan and costs.
  • Provide comprehensive, documented test evidence.
  • Provide release, deployment and operational documentation.
  • Provide warranty and ongoing support as required.

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