Data Quality

Many IT companies offer services limited to improving the quality of your customers’ personal information.  Such services can provide tangible savings in production and carriage costs and can also protect your brand image by avoiding duplicate or inappropriate contacts.  Whilst these services are critical in light of your responsibilities demanded by The Data Protection Act, they are the tip of the iceberg to Talend Solutions who can offer you a comprehensive range of such services.


In our experience, data quality issues are just as likely to affect the full breadth of your enterprise system data, often affecting the quality of service you provide to your customers.  In striving for full breadth data quality and consistency across your enterprise, Talend Solutions will assure the quality of service you provide to your customers and maximise your capability to report and analyse accurate and current data, allowing you to make the right management decisions to service and grow your business.


Talend Solutions has broad experience of data quality management and a set of proven techniques to profile your data, report outcomes, impact assess discrepancies and resolve your data issues.


Applied on a regular basis, these techniques can provide a solution to maintain production data quality and promote root cause investigation and resolution.


However, the relevance of data quality initiatives is not limited to improving the accuracy of your production systems, the same techniques are also a critical pre-cursor to data migration and data integration projects.






Data Quality with Talend

Talend Data QualityTalend Open Studio for Data Quality enables business and data analysts to assess the data quality of any data source. Analysts can understand the completeness, accuracy and integrity of data in preparation for data migration, instance consolidation, and data integration. Talend Open Studio for Data Quality is open source, free to download and free to use.


Read more about Talend Open Studio for Data Quality.


For clients with enterprise grade requirements, the subscription-based product Talend Enterprise Data Quality is enterprise-ready, offering a highly scalable, reusable platform for data management.


Read more about Talend Enterprise Data Quality.





Data Quality with Talend Soutions

Talend SolutionsBy profiling your data, Talend Solutions will identify, articulate and record the business rules that will enforce the quality of your data within and across your critical business systems.  Each Data Quality Rule will be made measurable and reported via a Data Quality Audit report.


Talend Solutions will work with you to identify the impact of the discrepancies and the priority of their resolution.  Each Data Quality Rule will be made resolvable, through the creation of cleanse routines.  Talend Solutions will re-execute the Data Quality Rules to identify and clean all data that breaks the rules.


Data Cleansing can then be executed on a scheduled, recurring basis, identifying and cleaning data quality issues in your production databases seamlessly and with no further intervention.  Talend Solutions will work with you to identify the root cause of any recurring discrepancies and the priority of their resolution.